Deep inner

Highly effective for stress and anxiety

Clarity of mind

Greater energy, creativity, and awareness

A healthier heart

43 peer-reviewed research studies


Maharishi, a renowned scientist of consciousness, revived the ancient meditative practices from the Yoga tradition of India. He brought meditation out of its traditional shroud of mysticism and into the light of science—making it easy for anyone to learn, and opening it to the scrutiny of modern medical research.

Maharishi helped to establish that the meditative state (pure consciousness, transcending) constitutes a 4th state of human consciousness, distinct from waking, sleeping and dreaming [Science (1970), Brain and Cognition (2018)]. Research has shown that adding a few minutes of transcending each day with TM has profound benefits for health and brain function.

Taught one-on-one
Personalized instruction by a certified TM teacher for a much deeper experience
Absolutely effortless
Anyone can do it — even if you "can’t meditate"
Hundreds of published research studies
Your assurance that TM works for you

How do I learn?

Distinguished Portuguese school

The Dr. Alberto Iria School in Olhão was distinguished for its innovation and pioneering spirit at a European level in including the MT-Sidhis program as an educational strategy.

What is Transcendental Meditation?

It is an effortless technique to "recharge your mind and body" - creating a more motivated and positive state of mind.

Hundreds of published scientific studies on the TM technique document its effectiveness in relieving stress and anxiety, improving brain function and cardiovascular health, among many other benefits.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider on any matter of a medical nature.Please consider the legal details regarding patent and copyright protection.

David Lynch on how Transcendental Meditation can change your life and your creative capacity

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